Digital Marketing

Kickstart your brand

You already know digital works and that’s why you’re here.

Your only question isn’t if you should implement a digital strategy, but which agency you’re going to trust to deliver the goods.

Our digital marketing campaigns join the dots for you, connecting email, social, content, display and SEO. Effective digital marketing shouldn’t exist in a vacuum, instead enhancing and working alongside multiple marketing channels.

With so much data out there, it’d be easy to get lost in the ones and zeroes, but our digital strategies are about people – about your prospective audience; their needs and behaviours. We are content natives with digital in our DNA so we are uniquely positioned to create and deliver winning brand stories.

digital marketing

Content is the fuel of digital. Our services include:

Full-scale digital campaigns/strategies

Give us a brief and we’ll create a story for you using the digital tools at our disposal.

Search Engine Optimisation

We create content to be consumed, so we optimise everything for search, including extensive keyword research and analysis, technical SEO, local SEO and paid search.

Detailed research and analytics

We’ll take a deep-dive into your existing analytics and let you know how your brand is performing. Ask nicely and we’ll even set up Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Display advertising

We can create and buy display ads across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, search, and online.

Email marketing

Email can revolutionise a brand. We’ll build and segment your lists, manage workflows, and create the content you’ll send to your leads and customers.

Pay Per Click

We’ll plan and manage your paid spend in search so it’s optimised to return bank-busting ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’ll optimise your site for customer experience, the buyer journey, and the ecommerce quest from search query to checkout.

Analytics and monthly reporting

Honesty is at the crux of everything we do, so we provide monthly reports for our clients.

Content Distribution/Outreach

We’ll distribute your content to drive traffic and sales, and boost your SEO.

How we can help you:

All marketing is digital. Even ads on TV or in the remotest part of the outdoors come with hashtags on them. The reason for that is simple: silos are no more. Every strategy needs to be multi-channel.

It needs to be smart and creative and make sense in print, digital, and above the line. It’s a lot to consider but with multiple awards under our belts (or on our display cabinet, as the case may be), we have the experience and talent to grow your brand.

We’re a multi-discipline agency who has worked in digital across multiple sectors. If you want a piece of the digital pie, contact us on the form to the right or give us a call on +353 1 473 5040.

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